About us

Our grandfather was born on the African islands of Cape Verde. Over the years our family spread all across these beautiful islands and to Portugal. Our grandfather decided to move to The Netherlands. We as kids visited our family in Portugal so often eating the original frango piri-piri in the garden of our uncle with the whole family. It was the chicken on it’s best. These¬†delicious family recipes and also the whole ambiance of eating with the family is what we wanted to create in Franggo. So when we, as a father and daughter, moved to Amsterdam we decided to blend our experiences into our concept of Franggo.¬†

At Franggo we serve authentic Portuguese Flame Grilled Chicken following the recipes we learned from our family. We believe in transforming this original product into modern times and mix it with urban vibes and African touches. Our core values are to serve the highest quality, for great prices, in a cool ambiance. By doing so you can say that Franggo is one big happy family.